World-Class Tuna Fishing At Your Fingertips

Here in Venice, we’re lucky enough to live in one of the yellowfin tuna capitals of the world! These fish are abundant in the deep Gulf waters just off the coast, and they can be caught year-round — though we know all the secret spots and the best times to go. If your sports fishing dream is to catch a tuna, let us be your guide! Contact us to learn more about our deep sea fishing charters or to book your trip today.


Yellowfin Tuna Fast Facts:

  • Other names: Ahi tuna
  • Best fishing season:January - March and September - October
  • Weight: Average between 40 - 80 lbs, but can get up to 200 lbs!
  • Depth: Typically 250 - 3,000 feet, but often come to the surface
  • Behavior: Travel in large groups at high speeds
  • What’s the catch?You can expect an exciting challenge with plenty of action!


Follow the Yellowfins

Anglers travel from far and wide for the chance to fish the abundant waters of the Gulf, and at Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company, we understand why. Here off the coast of Venice, you can catch a tuna just about every month of the year! Yellowfins are known for traveling in large schools, reaching weights of over 100 pounds, and for being extremely fast — all of which makes them a very popular sports fishing target. When you’re fishing for yellowfin, there’s never a dull moment!

Yellowfins tend to hang out at depths between 250 and 3,000 feet, but they’re known to come crashing up toward the surface — sometimes even going airborne! They can be caught while live bait fishing, casting, or trolling, and the best times to fish are in the fall and winter months from September to October and January to March.

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