For most people, a Louisiana deep sea fishing charter is a trip of a lifetime. It’s one many dream of and save for. It’s a chance to have professional fishing guides help you catch the big fish you’ve always dreamed of, from blue marlin to tuna. However, while catching huge fish for the ages is your goal, it’s not the only part of your fishing charter trip that is memorable.

Staying in a houseboat right on the ocean on the pier next to fishing is also a great experience and memory. You’ll get to fall asleep to the soothing sound of waves. Wake up to gorgeous sun rises, eat outside and watch the sun set, and feel the ocean breeze in your hair. Staying in a Venice houseboat while you’re on a fishing charter is a must in order to capture the entire experience.

Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company offers the best Louisiana fishing charters. Our Venice fishing guides know the waters like the back of their hands and will guide you to the fish. We’ll also teach you how to fish and provide all of the equipment. All you need is a desire to learn and soon you’ll be reeling in the big one. Below, we’ll go over the benefits of staying on the ocean in a Venice houseboat lodging rental. Don’t miss out. Call us for Venice, Louisiana, lodging options today!


You’ll Be Relaxed

It’s really hard for most Americans to truly relax, even when they are relaxing at home. There is always something to do, and most of us lead rich lives full of activities, leaving little time to just be. When you stay in our Venice houseboat lodging, you won’t have a choice: the ocean will instantly relax you, and you’ll be relaxed during your entire stay with Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company.

You’ll Store Up Unbelievable Sights

Living by the ocean yields amazing views. Every sunrise and sunset are spectacular, so you don’t want to miss out. You can walk on the beach, pick up seashells, and feel the sand between your toes. The beach at night under a full moon is also an amazing experience. You’ll see gulls and other seabirds as well as fish and marine life. You’ll get to experience the ocean ecosystem at your doorstep everyday.

You’ll Sleep Wonderfully

The sound of waves is a natural white noise that will lull you right to sleep as soon as you lay down and will keep you asleep all night long. You’ll enter deep sleep where you’ll dream and oftentimes, solve problems or come up with great ideas for your life. You’ll feel completely refreshed when you wake up in the morning, ready to go fishing with Louisiana Bluefish Charter Company!


Charter fishing is such a great sport that you really should experience it at least once in your lifetime. You throw in a stay on our Venice houseboat lodging, and you’ll have a trip to remember. Call us today to get started!


Looking for a place to stay before or after your Louisiana fishing charter adventure? Skip the hotel stress, and book your nights on one of our fantastic Venice houseboats!

Whether you’re booking one of our in-shore day trips or a multi-day off-shore charter fishing trip, staying in our houseboats is a fun way to continue your adventure at sea. Conveniently located on the docks at Venice Marina and Cypress Cove Marina, each houseboat is fully furnished and can sleep up to 12 people. Depending on which one you choose, you will have access to amenities including:

  • Furnished living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms
  • Full open-concept kitchens
  • Decks and screened porches
  • Flat screen TVs with cable access
  • Ice machines
  • Fish cleaning stations
  • Grills
  • Fish fryers
  • Central heat and AC

If you need more space and would like to book more than one houseboat, we can place you in neighboring properties to keep the whole group together!

Since we own our houseboats, it’s easy to coordinate with us to plan your stay around your guided fishing trip. We can work with you to find the best option for your group!

Check out our lodging options for more detailed information about the amenities that each can provide, along with availability, pricing, and reviews. We look forward to sharing the gorgeous waters of the Gulf with you soon!