If you’ve never been on a New Orleans fishing charter, you probably don’t know what to expect. While being out on the Gulf of Mexico is fun and exciting, it helps to be prepared in case the weather turns, it starts to rain, or the waters become choppy. Below, we’ll go over what to expect on a deep sea fishing charter. Contact us to book today!


Expert Fishing Guides

Odds are, if you just were to rent a boat, sail out into the Gulf of Mexico, and throw out a line, you would not catch anything. However, when you book a New Orleans fishing charter trip, you are paying for knowledgeable guides who can show you not only where the particular deep sea fish are that you are looking for, but also can help you to catch them. And if you think a simple reel and rod will cut it, this is when your fishing guides will shine.

All of the Fishing Equipment Provided

Since most people who book fishing charters are not local, they won’t have much fishing equipment on them. A reputable New Orleans fishing charter company will provide everything you need to catch the big one, from rods and reels to tackle and safety equipment, including life jackets. The bait will be provided as well so your job is to simply show up and fish, while your fishing guides do the rest.

Weather Changes

The Gulf of Mexico is hands-down one of the most beautiful places on earth to be. The deep blue of the sea and the whimsical clouds instantly sweep any anxieties from the world you may be harboring away. That being said, you are out on the ocean where a storm can blow in quite quickly. It pays to be prepared when out on the ocean. Have warm clothes, including jackets, pants, and hats, sunglasses, hats, and raincoats. Trust us when we say it’s not very fun fishing while it’s cold out and you’re in a tank top and a t-shirt.


The advantage to partnering with a top-notch New Orleans fishing charter is that you have a high likelihood of catching what you are fishing for. Yellowfin tuna is popular in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as blue marlin, wahoo, and sailfish. Having a fresh fish fry that you caught from the ocean just a few hours before is something like you’ve never tasted before and something you will never forget.

The fishing charter will have all of the live bait you need to catch your fish, as well as all of the ice you will need to preserve your fish until you get back to shore. You’ll need to bring a camera to capture all of the moments and preserve all of the memories. When you get back to shore, it’ll be time for a fish fry and a well deserved rest after a day out at sea.


Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company offers fishing charters to those in New Orleans and beyond. Based in Venice, a short drive from New Orleans, our fishing guides are the best. We have a wealth of knowledge to share with you. Not only will you reel in the big one, but we’ll give you all of the knowledge you need to continue to do so. We can tell you about the fish, their habitat, and share some local history, too. We want you to have a great time on our New Orleans fishing charter, and families are always welcome. In addition, we also offer corporate fishing charters for your business or team.

If you are interested in partnering with our New Orleans fishing charters for world-class fishing, call us, and book today!