Venice Is a World-Class Fishing Destination

At Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company, we’re proud to offer fishing charters out of one of the world’s premier sport fishing destinations: Venice! Here on the southeastern tip of Louisiana, where the Mississippi River flows into the Gulf of Mexico, and offshore oil rigs create thriving underwater ecosystems, we enjoy world-class inshore and offshore fishing all year long.

However, fall is undoubtedly one of the best times of the year to fish these fertile waters. Interested in booking a trophy fishing trip you’ll remember for a lifetime? Contact us today to ask about our fishing charter availability this fall season!

What Makes Fall Fishing So Incredible?

The River Is Low

Every year in the fall, the water levels in the Mississippi River drop low, which allows saltwater from the Gulf to move north upriver, bringing many saltwater species along with it. The river waters stay clear and low through December, when they will begin to rise and muddy up once more, pushing the “saltwater wedge” back into the Gulf. While the river is low, clear, and salty, many species are active and biting!

Speckled Trout Are Coming Home

With the saltwater come the speckled trout. In their spawning season in summertime, they move into the sounds and bays bordering the Gulf, where they can be difficult to access. Once the water temperature hits around 74 degrees, however, they begin to transition back into the marsh, fattening themselves up on the tidelines where heavy currents deliver tasty baitfish.

Yellowfin Tuna Are On the Hunt

Yellowfin tuna are some of the most abundant fish off the coast of Venice, and their speed and agility makes every catch an adventure. Fall is the best time of year to catch a tuna worthy of your biggest sports fishing dreams! This time of year, you can find massive, 200-pound yellowfins migrating just off the shelf to follow the big shrimp trawlers in deep water.

Redfish Are Always In Season

Venice is known as the redfish capital of the world, and they can be found in abundance year-round. The roseau canes, grassy ponds, and interior marshes create the perfect habitat for fish, crabs, and shrimp that redfish love to dine on, and bull reds (longer than 27 inches) can be found along rock jetties, oil rigs, and reefs. Fall is their spawning season and the time of year when you’re most likely to find the biggest schools in the shallowest waters.

Find Flounder, Cobia, Grouper, and More!

Fall is peak fishing season for a wide range of species, including flounder, cobia/lemonfish, grouper, and blackfin tuna. If you’re lucky, you may catch the tail end of the swordfish, red snapper, and mahi mahi seasons, or the beginning of the wahoo run!

Book A Fall Fishing Charter with LA Bluewater!

Interested in booking a fishing charter in one of the world’s top fishing destinations? Fall is the perfect time to come! Whether you’re looking to chase speckled trout inshore, or follow the shrimp boats on an offshore tuna fishing adventure, our experienced guides can help you find the richest waters and the most effective fishing techniques.

We offer overnight off-shore fishing charters, day-trip in-shore fishing charters, and combo charters so that you can experience the best of both worlds. Our fall availability fills up fast, so be sure to contact us to book your trip today!