Meet the Swordfish

The swordfish is the largest and most powerful of the billfish that roam the Gulf waters off the coast of Venice, LA. Although marlin and sailfish also sport a signature bill (or ‘sword’) at the front of their faces, the swordfish truly lives up to its name — its long, thick bill has been known to sink boats!

Other than their eponymous swords, swordfish are also known for their sharply forked tails, angular dorsal fins, and large round eyes. They can reach top speeds of more than 50 miles per hour, and tend to dwell in deep waters during the day, only coming to shallower waters at night to feed on smaller fish. Swordfish are generally easier to catch at night, but daytime swordfishing has increased in popularity as fishing equipment becomes more advanced.

Daytime Swordfishing and Overnight Charters

At LA Bluewater Charter Company, we love the thrill of a swordfish chase. Our offshore fishing charters give anglers of all ages and abilities the opportunity to catch a swordfish in the fertile waters of the Gulf. We’ll follow them through deep water platforms, offshore current lines, and even wide open waters as they chase schools of baitfish.

We offer day trips for those who want to try their hand at daytime swordfishing, but our overnight deep sea fishing charters are ideal for being on the water when swordfish are most active. Our experienced local fishing guides know all the tricks and techniques to get a swordfish on the line, from choosing the right bait to navigating the Gulf’s drifts and sub-currents.

Book Your Offshore Fishing Charter in Venice

What are you waiting for? Your swordfish is already out there, ready to be caught. Contact us to book your deep sea fishing charter and start the chase today!