Going on a Louisiana offshore fishing charter is exciting indeed. You love fishing and catching tons of trout, bluegills, and catfish where you live. However, the idea of catching a fish that weighs hundreds of pounds has always been a dream of yours. Now, you’re ready to make that dream a reality, but how do you choose a fishing charter company?

Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company offers in-shore, off-shore, and combo fishing charters in Venice. Our fishing guides are passionate about ensuring you catch the big one that you’ve been dreaming of. With years of experience in these waters, our fishing guides can help you find these monsters of the deep and reel them in for a superb fish fry night. Below, we’ll offer up tips on what to look for when searching for a Louisiana fishing charter. Visit us online, and call us for the fishing trip of your life today!


The ocean is vast to say the least, even in the area you are searching in. Having a good working knowledge of the waters is essential to catching the type of fish you are after, such as tuna or swordfish. This frankly only comes with experience. At Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company, our fishing guides know these waters like the back of their hands, so you can rest assured the likelihood of your landing the fish of your dreams is very high.

Type of Charter or Fish

There is a big difference between in-shore fishing charters and off-shore fishing charters. With in-shore fishing trips, you’ll be catching smaller fish. However, the water will be calmer, which is good if you suffer from seasickness and is preferable if you have small children. These tend to be shorter fishing charter trips, and thus more affordable. If you are looking to land your monster, off-shore charters are the way to go. These are usually all day adventures on potentially rough seas. However, if you love sport fishing and the challenge of reeling your dream marlin in, this is the fishing charter for you.

The Captain

You want to enjoy your Louisiana fishing charter trip, and the captain can make all the difference. You most definitely want to feel comfortable around them so that you can ask questions and have a good time around them. Admittedly, this can be difficult when you are booking your Louisiana fishing charter from afar. However, online reviews typically talk about the captain, so be sure you read those before you book your fishing charter. If you are local, try to meet the captain before booking. Our captain at Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company ensures all of your needs are met throughout your entire stay with us. The atmosphere is easy and fun, and once the fish start coming, you’ll have the time of your life!



Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company can’t wait for you to join our fishing guides on the fishing trip of your life. Whether you are looking to reel in the big one or just looking for a relaxing day in-shore with the family, we’ve got your needs covered. We also offer Combo fishing charters where you can experience the best of both worlds, and we offer corporate fishing charters as well. You can stay on one of our Venice houseboats right on the water, where you can wake up to the smell of ocean spray and go to sleep with a spectacular sunset and evening stars. Our mission is to ensure you have the best offshore fishing charter experience of your life. Call us to get started today!