louisiana bluewater charter company fishing trip

If you’ve ever been fishing around your hometown, it’s fun. You get your fishing pole, find some bait (usually worms at the local hardware store), and go to your local fishing hole. You spend the day fishing, throwing your line in and reeling it back in. This is a time-honored tradition that humans have been engaging in since the beginning of time in one form or another. However, it can be extremely frustrating when you don’t catch anything. In fact, it can seem like you’ve wasted your whole day away.

Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company is a charter fishing company in Venice, Louisiana. We offer corporate fishing charters, combo fishing charters, and on-shore and off-shore charters. In addition, we offer Venice houseboats for rent right on the ocean. Below, we’ll go over some of the benefits of a fishing guide. Contact our Louisiana fishing charter company today!


You Catch Fish

While we can’t guarantee a catch every time, we have an amazing success rate. When you partner with a professional Louisiana fishing guide, you are increasing your chances of catching fish tremendously. Your fishing guide knows the waters and where to find the fish you are after, whether you are fishing for marlin or yellowfish. Fishing in the right spots is a huge advantage to catching fish.


When you are deep sea charter fishing, there is a particular way to fish for these monsters of the deep that is completely different from your local fishing hole. It’s a bit more complicated than just throwing out your line and hoping for a bite. Our professional fishing guides in Venice can help your corporate charter or on-shore charter fish correctly for deep sea fish.

Right Equipment

If you tried to fish for blue marlin or yellowfin tuna with a regular fishing line, you wouldn’t catch anything but maybe small fish. You need special fishing lines that will reel in these fish that can weigh hundreds of pounds and support their weight. In addition, you’ll need a monster hook to catch a monster fish. When you partner with Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company in Venice for your charter fishing adventure, you’ll have access to our fishing equipment so you can catch the fish of your dreams.


Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company in Venice offers the best Louisiana fishing charter trips for you, your family, your employees, and more. In addition, we offer Venice, Louisiana, lodging. Our fishing guides are friendly and knowledgeable and have years of experience fishing in the Gulf of Mexico and around Venice. They are passionate about fishing and love what they do. They will help you find the fish you want to catch and will do everything possible to help you do so. We want to help you have a great time out on the waters, and catching fish makes the day even sweeter. Call our charter boat fishing company to book your charter fishing trip today!