Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Deep Sea Fishing in Louisiana louisiana bluewater charter company venice

Many people love to fish. First, they love the taste of freshly-caught fish, which is good motivation to have, especially if they aren’t getting a lot of bites. Next, they love the challenge of fishing. You have to know where the fish are, use the right bait for the type of fish you hope to reel in, and know how to hook them and reel them in when they do take a nibble. Many people fish while they are out boating, but when the fall and winter chill hit, they winterize their boat and call it a season.

However, our fishing guides here at Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company near Venice would like to point out that winter is the perfect time for fishing, especially deep sea fishing. From yellowfin tuna and blue marlin to swordfish, you can rise to the challenge to reel in the big one. Below, we’ll go over some reasons why winter is the perfect time for deep sea fishing in Louisiana. Contact our fishing guides today!


Fewer People

Because the temperatures are a bit colder here on the Gulf of Mexico and it’s a season of spending time with family over traveling, there will be fewer fishermen out deep sea fishing. This is good because there will be less competition for the trophy fish, and there will be more fish in the sea for you to catch.

Fish Are Still There!

The fish don’t know the difference between summer and winter; they keep going about their business as fish do, looking for food to survive. Deep sea fishing is a year-round sport where you have as good of a chance as any to catch the big one no matter what the calendar says.

Hire a Fishing Guide

Deep sea fishing is a whole other animal; you can’t just lop your fishing pole into a shallow pond and expect to catch some fish. You really need to know the waters so that you can find the fish in the first place. With less daylight hours in the winter than in the summer, it’s crucial not to waste time “searching” for fish. By partnering with an expert deep sea fishing guide, you can rest assured that you’ll have a good chance of a successful fishing expedition.

You’ll Be Comfortable

Winters are mild in Louisiana with the average daily highs in the mid-60s during the winter. This is a good temperature for many people. With a good wind jacket, pants, and a hat, you’ll be comfortable during your winter deep sea fishing trip. You won’t have to worry about unbearable heat, that’s for sure!


The Gulf of Mexico is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Surrounded by the ocean, you experience spectacular sunrises and sunsets every day, warm temperatures, and good fishing year-round. Our deep sea fishing charter company offers in-shore, off-shore, and combo fishing trips to meet your needs and preferences. We offer multi-day fishing trips so you’ll have the best chance at catching the big one, and we offer corporate fishing trips so you can reward your employees as well. Our mission is to ensure our customers experience the full scope of deep sea fishing. Our boats are comfortable, and you’ll enjoy being out on the ocean and the challenge of deep sea fishing.

Deep sea fishing is on the bucket list of many people. Why not visit Louisiana for your next deep sea charter fishing adventure? Contact Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company today!