5 Tips to Help Plan Your Fishing Trip

Going on a fishing trip is a fun adventure. After all, you most likely are going to a new location with the people you love or enjoy being with and you're going to catch some big fish. This holds true for a deep sea fishing charter trip as well. But how do you plan your fishing trip?

Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company offers the best Louisiana deep sea fishing charters in Venice. Our fishing guides have years of experience both on the ocean and in-shore helping people catch the fish of their dreams, from yellowfin tuna and sailfish to blue marlin and red snappers. We are passionate about ensuring you and your family and friends have a good time while on our fishing charter trips. Below, we'll take a look at five tips to help plan your fishing trip. Contact our guided fishing charter company to begin today!


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Choose Your Location

Location will be key to planning your fishing trip, and there's a lot to consider when choosing the perfect fishing spot. First, what trophy fish are you hoping to bag? Do you want to catch a sailfish, a blue marlin, or a yellowfin tuna? Are you hoping to catch salmon, bass, or sunfish? Different types of fish live in different locations, so this is an important consideration if this is your primary reason for taking a fishing trip.

Go With a Fishing Guide

Can you go fishing by yourself in an unfamiliar location? You bet you can. Will you catch a lot of fish? Maybe. However, you are leaving it up for chance. If you are looking for a specific type of trophy fish, it's best to go with a local fishing guide who knows the waters and where the fish are. You'll be taken to all of the great fishing spots, and you'll learn some local stories and knowledge to boot. Plus, you'll have a great source of contact to ask all of your questions.

Gear Up

Trust us when we say you will be miserable if you are not prepared for the weather in your location for your trip. In Louisiana on the open ocean, generally, the weather is warm and calm. However, storms arise, and if you happen to be out fishing when one comes along, you want to be prepared. The last thing you want is for your fishing trip to be tarnished or even ruined because you got sunburnt, rained on, or were cold. Your best bet is to pack a bit of everything no matter the time of year: shorts, raincoat, pants, gloves, etc.

Consider the Time of Year

Many people plan their vacations in the summer months. This makes sense since the kids are out of school and the weather is the best. However, some of the best fishing is in the fall (like for salmon) and in the colder winter months. While it may be jacket weather, you'll avoid the crowds and have a better chance at catching fish since there will be less boats on the water. In truth, any time you choose to be near or on the ocean, it's a relaxing time. We all need a bit of time to recharge, and a Louisiana fishing charter is one of the best ways to take a step back from life and await your next best idea.

Bring Personal Items

We all have items that we consider must-haves when we travel that others may not. For example, your child might have a favorite toy; you might need a favorite novel; you may need medication; you might want to bring a sleeping mask. Whatever is particular to you, you want to be sure you don't forget it. While it might not be a deal breaker for your fishing trip, it could be something you wish you had. And, of course, don't forget your camera!


When searching for the best fishing charter in Venice, you've come to the right place. Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company has dedicated fishing guides who can ensure you have the best chance of success on your fishing trip, but also that you have fun with your friends and family as well. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions. We can fry up the fish you catch afterward for a delicious dinner right from the source. In truth, our mission is to ensure you have a relaxing time catching fish.

In addition, we offer Venice houseboats for rent that are right on the Gulf of Mexico. Fall asleep to and wake up to the soothing sounds of waves, catch the most beautiful sunrise and sunsets, and leave to go fishing right from your place. You truly can't beat this experience!

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