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5 Elements of a Great Deep Sea Fishing Trip

When looking for a great deep sea fishing adventure, you want all of the pieces to come together as easy as your favorite jigsaw puzzle. But what are those pieces you should be looking for to create a beautiful picture, time, and memory you'll cherish for a lifetime?

Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company offers deep sea fishing charters for the entire family, as well as corporate fishing charters. We offer fishing trips at various locations and for varying lengths of time. Our mission is to ensure you get everything you want out of your fishing trip. Below, we'll go over five of the elements we believe are key to ensuring you have a great deep sea fishing trip. Book a Venice fishing charter with us today!


Friends and Family

When going on an adventure, you want to share the experience with those whom you care about the most. Having your friends and family along on your deep sea fishing trip will not only make it more memorable, but more fun and exciting as well. You can learn new things together, try new activities, and deepen your friendship and/or relationship. From catching the fish and unhooking them to scaling the fish and frying them up yourself for a delicious meal, these are great activities to share with others.

Great Fishing Guides

The company can make or break your deep sea fishing adventure. A great charter fishing trip will have a great captain and/or fishing guides who not only know the water and where to fish so that you are successful, but who are also personable, helpful, and instructive. Most people have no deep sea fishing experience when they book a charter. Thus, you are 100% reliant on your fishing guides to help. You want someone who is easy to talk to and ask questions, and who will add to your adventure, not detract.

Great Fish

When looking for a deep sea fishing charter, you'll want to ask yourself what you hope to get out of the trip itself. Are you looking to catch specific types of fish, such as yellowfin tuna or swordfish? Do you want to learn different deep sea fishing techniques? Is there a specific spot you want to fish, such as Venice, Louisiana? It's good to have an idea of what your deep sea fishing charter will look like so that when you go, you can ensure you create the adventure you are seeking.

Weather/Being Prepared

Let's face it, the weather plays a big role in all outdoor activities. You don't want to be too hot nor too cold. For the most part, the weather in Venice, Louisiana, is superb with nice warm temperatures for most of the year. That being said, you are on the ocean or an inland waterway, and storms do crop up that can cause high waves and rain. It can also get extremely hot in the summer months being on the water in the sun. As long as you are prepared for the weather, your deep sea fishing trip won't be ruined by it. Check the forecast for the days you will be deep sea fishing, and bring along extra gear. A rain jacket, pants, and a sun hat are just some of the items we recommend.


After a long day of deep sea fishing, it matters where you rest your weary head. You want to not only be close to the shore, the beach, and fishing, but you also want to be comfortable. Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company offers great Venice lodging accommodations. We offer beautiful houseboat rentals that can hold your entire family and then some. They feature large kitchens to prepare your meals and have your snacks and drinks readily available, as well as TVs, plenty of room to move around, and comfortable seating. Book these Venice houseboat lodging today!


Sure, you want to catch fish and fry them up for dinner. But a deep sea fishing charter is much more than just catching fish. You want to ensure your entire experience is memorable and fun. By bringing along your best friends and your family, having the best fishing guides and place to stay, and ensuring you are prepared for the weather, your fishing adventure will be one you'll want to experience again and again.

Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company has years of experience of providing all of the elements of a great deep sea fishing adventure. We offer a variety of fishing charter options that include off-shore charters, in-shore, combo charters, corporate charters, and, of course, family charters. Our fishing guides are experienced and passionate about ensuring you have a good time. Plus, you can watch the spectacular sunrises and sunsets right from our Venice houseboats. If you are looking for the best Louisiana fishing charters, book with us today!