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5 Benefits of Being Near the Sea louisiana bluewater charter company

Many people fall asleep to the sound of ocean waves, babbling brooks, or other water sounds. This is because our brains hear waves as a soothing, calming sound, rather than a loud noise that can signal our fight or flight impulses.. Plus, ocean waves in particular have a rhythmic cycle that aligns with our natural breathing during sleep, which is another reason why it is so soothing.

Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company offers the best Venice fishing charters. We offer in-shore, off-shore, and combo fishing charters, as well as corporate fishing charters. Our expert fishing guides know where the fish are and how to show you a good time while catching the big one. Below, we'll take a look at five benefits of being near the sea. Contact our team today!


Less Stress

Sitting and watching the ocean waves crash against the beach is one of the...


Going on a fishing trip is a fun adventure. After all, you most likely are going to a new location with the people you love or enjoy being with and you're going to catch some big fish. This holds true for a deep sea fishing charter trip as well. But how do you plan your fishing trip?

Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company offers the best Louisiana deep sea fishing charters in Venice. Our fishing guides have years of experience both on the ocean and in-shore helping people catch the fish of their dreams, from yellowfin tuna and sailfish to blue marlin and red snappers. We are passionate about ensuring you and your family and friends have a good time while on our fishing charter trips. Below, we'll take a look at five tips to help plan your fishing trip. Contact our guided fishing charter company to begin today!


When looking for a great deep sea fishing adventure, you want all of the pieces to come together as easy as your favorite jigsaw puzzle. But what are those pieces you should be looking for to create a beautiful picture, time, and memory you'll cherish for a lifetime?

Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company offers deep sea fishing charters for the entire family, as well as corporate fishing charters. We offer fishing trips at various locations and for varying lengths of time. Our mission is to ensure you get everything you want out of your fishing trip. Below, we'll go over five of the elements we believe are key to ensuring you have a great deep sea fishing trip. Book a Venice fishing charter with us today!


Friends and Family

When going on an adventure, you want to share the experience with those whom you care about the most. Having your friends and family...


The sun is warm on your shoulders. Beneath you, the boat rocks lightly in the lull of the waves, and the fishing reel is calm in your hands. It seems like a perfect day at sea. But as the afternoon wears on, the air seems to grow heavier. You glance up at heavy clouds rolling overhead and wonder if you’d better cut today’s fishing trip short.

In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing some of the easiest ways to sense a coming storm at sea. If you want to put these tricks to the test, then call Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company to plan your next fishing excursion! We offer inshore and offshore charter fishing trips out of Venice and operate with top-of-the-line freeman boats. We also have houseboat lodging available for out-of-town guests, so no matter where you’re coming from, you can enjoy a fun day on the water or a multi-day fishing adventure! Contact us today to learn more, and in the meantime, study up on reading the weather at sea:


Clouds are one of the most helpful visual...


If you’re interested in the world of sports fishing, then you’ve probably done a lot of research on how to create the perfect fishing trip. You may have determined the best places and times to fish, found the best boats and gear to use, and practiced the best angling techniques… but have you thought about the tides?

If you’re planning on heading to the ocean and taking a offshore fishing trip anytime soon, then you should know how the tides can affect your catch. In today’s post, our experienced fishing experts at LA Bluewater Charter Company will explain what the tides are, how they work, and how to use them to your advantage the next time you’ve got a red snapper on the hook! Read on to learn more, and contact us today to book an offshore fishing excursion in Venice, LA!


The tides are created by the combined gravitational pull of the sun and the moon on Earth’s oceans. At high tide, when the moon and sun are in alignment and creating parallel gravitational pulls, the ocean’s...


Have you ever thought about offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico? Do you dream of multi-day offshore fishing excursions? Maybe you’re more interested in an easygoing day fishing inshore. Whatever your fishing dreams may be, LA Bluewater Charter Company can help you make them happen!

Our charter fishing company operates out of Venice, Louisiana, and we have guided fishing trips for every age, interest, and ability level. In today’s post, our fishing guides are going over the top 5 reasons you should think about hiring a Louisiana fishing charter like us for your next big trip — whether you’re an experienced angler or you’ve never held a fishing pole. Read on to learn more, and once you’re convinced, you can contact us to book your trip today!


Fishing, like many outdoor sports, can be pretty gear-intensive. Most people think about having fishing poles and bait — but those are only a small part of the wide collection of gear needed for a successful fishing...


Everyone loves vacations. Or do they?

In the United States, our culture is one of relentless self-improvement and advancement. The American Dream is all about building something out of nothing — about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and creating the life you want. There is nothing wrong with this ideology in theory, but in practice in our work culture, it has created an unhealthy “workaholic” epidemic that is affecting the entire nation. In a recent survey, 29% of full-time employees reported feeling ashamed about taking time off of work. According to a report by the U.S. Travel Association, 705 million vacation days went unused in 2018, and 52% of employees reported having unused vacation time at the end of the year.

In today’s post, we want to break down why you shouldn’t feel guilty about using your vacation days....


At Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company in Venice, we’ve had a lot of practice getting our sea legs — but we’re no strangers to seasickness. Some of us can remember a time when our bodies weren’t so used to the sway of the ocean, and it took everything we had to keep our lunches from making a rude reappearance. Fortunately, those experiences have equipped us with the knowledge to teach our charter fishing clients how to handle seasickness of their own.

In today’s post, we’re offering our top five tips for fighting motion sickness at sea. Read on to learn more, and if you’re interested in testing out these tricks for yourself (though we hope you’ll never have to), contact us to learn more about our Louisiana fishing charters and book your fishing trip today!


It turns out that seasickness is a complicated phenomenon, and it affects everyone differently. Researchers believe that motion sickness is caused by conflicting...


In our most recent post, the Louisiana Bluewater charter fishing team shared five tips on how to manage motion sickness at sea. We spend a lot of time out there on the waves, and we know that even mild nausea can ruin the perfect fishing day, so today, we’re back with another unique seasickness-busting trick.

Read on to study up before your next offshore fishing charter adventure. Don’t have one booked yet? What are you waiting for? Contact us to learn more about our world-class Louisiana fishing charters and book your spot today!


In our last post, we talked about where seasickness comes from and covered five pieces of advice on how to get rid of your seaborne headaches, dizziness, and nausea:

  1. Get plenty of sleep before ever setting foot on board.
  2. Don’t sail on an empty stomach, and choose mild, filling foods like oatmeal or...

If you’ve ever been fishing around your hometown, it’s fun. You get your fishing pole, find some bait (usually worms at the local hardware store), and go to your local fishing hole. You spend the day fishing, throwing your line in and reeling it back in. This is a time-honored tradition that humans have been engaging in since the beginning of time in one form or another. However, it can be extremely frustrating when you don’t catch anything. In fact, it can seem like you’ve wasted your whole day away.

Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company is a charter fishing company in Venice, Louisiana. We offer corporate fishing charters, combo fishing charters, and on-shore and off-shore charters. In addition, we offer Venice houseboats for rent right on the ocean. Below, we’ll go over some of the benefits of a fishing guide. Contact our Louisiana fishing charter company today!


While we can’t guarantee a catch every time, we have an amazing success rate. When you partner with...


Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company is a charter fishing company in Venice, Louisiana. We’ve been helping our customers have a great time on the ocean and reel in the big one that they’ve always wanted for years. Our passionate fishing guides lead corporate charters, combo charters, in-shore fishing charters, and off-shore charters. We even offer housing in Venice with our houseboat options, where you can stay right on the ocean, be lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves, and wake up to gulls calling.

One of the questions we get a lot from our customers is, “Can you catch and release deep sea fish?” After all, many people just like fishing, but they don’t necessarily want to take their fish home and fry them up. Some people just love the challenge of fishing; others want to admire their beauty and wonder at the marvels that nature creates. Below, we’ll take a look at the question of if you can catch and release offshore fish. Call our Louisiana fishing charter company to book a...


Going on a Louisiana offshore fishing charter is exciting indeed. You love fishing and catching tons of trout, bluegills, and catfish where you live. However, the idea of catching a fish that weighs hundreds of pounds has always been a dream of yours. Now, you’re ready to make that dream a reality, but how do you choose a fishing charter company?

Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company offers in-shore, off-shore, and combo fishing charters in Venice. Our fishing guides are passionate about ensuring you catch the big one that you’ve been dreaming of. With years of experience in these waters, our fishing guides can help you find these monsters of the deep and reel them in for a superb fish fry night. Below, we’ll offer up tips on what to look for when searching for a Louisiana fishing charter. Visit us online, and call us for the fishing trip of your life today!


The ocean is vast to say the least, even in the area you are searching in. Having a good...


Christmas is almost here and that puts everyone in high spirits. It’s a time to purchase presents for others and perhaps even yourself. Perhaps you’ve been saving all year for something special, and finally, the time has arrived.

While many people plan a ski trip over Christmas or a trip to the beach, Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company is proposing that this Christmas, you choose a fishing charter trip in Venice instead.

Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company offers fishing charters of all types, from off-shore to in-short charters or a combo trip, in Venice, Louisiana. We also offer corporate fishing charters, as well as family fishing trips. Hunting for the big catch is fun and exciting, and it’s a great way to spend your holiday season. Below, we’ll go over some reasons why you should consider a fishing charter trip this Christmas. Contact our tuna fishing company today!


Christmas time can be a busy travel season, but it’s...


Many people love to fish. First, they love the taste of freshly-caught fish, which is good motivation to have, especially if they aren’t getting a lot of bites. Next, they love the challenge of fishing. You have to know where the fish are, use the right bait for the type of fish you hope to reel in, and know how to hook them and reel them in when they do take a nibble. Many people fish while they are out boating, but when the fall and winter chill hit, they winterize their boat and call it a season.

However, our fishing guides here at Louisiana Bluewater Charter Company near Venice would like to point out that winter is the perfect time for fishing, especially offshore fishing. From yellowfin tuna and blue marlin to swordfish, you can rise to the challenge to reel in the big one. Below, we’ll go over some reasons why winter is the perfect time for offshore fishing in Louisiana. Contact our fishing guides today!


Because the...


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